Grades K - 6


Character Trait of the Month

Character Trait of the Month is Responsibility:  Being dependable and accountable for our own actions.

Accept responsibility for your life.  Know that it is YOU who will get you where you want to go, no one else.


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M. Hufstedler C. Todd J. Roberts A. Clary
T. Reeves A. Janes K. Qualls B.Steele
R. Holman S. McFann M. Cockrum
C. Walsh T. Dern J. Alexander
W. Ross L.McElmurry R. Church
J. Barr K. Alexander M.Allen
S. Chronister D. Cunningham

A. Holesapple A. Ollar A. Warren
K. Johnson  

A.Switzer B. Goans M. Frommel

A. Whitten  R. Harrison
D. Quinn  M. Langston
  Mel. Hufstedler  A. Clary

 PreK  K. Stubblefield