Grades K - 6


Character Trait of the Month

Character Trait of the Month is Respect: Valuing self, others, authority, and property.

Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired – it can only be earned.


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M. Hufstedler C. Todd B. Wright
T. Hufstedler A. Janes K. Russback
R. Holman T. Reeves M. Cockrum
C. Walsh B. Steele A. Clary
T. Brown L.McElmurry        T. Craig
J. Barr K. Alexander
S. Chronister R. Church D. Cunningham

N. Cates A. Ollar A. Warren
K. Johnson L. McElmurry  

A.Switzer B. Goans M. Frommel

E. Hackworth  T. Willard
D. Quinn  M. Langston
  Mel. Hufstedler  A. Clary