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Samson's Classroom (Reading Software)

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Daily Basal Skills

Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics


Word Confusion


Wacky Web Tales 

Word Maker

Fact or Opinion Quiz

 Madlib- Create your own silly   story!

Friendly Letter

Paragraph a Week

Character Traits


 Forms of Writing

The Writing Process

On-line Thesaurus


Interactive Venn Diagram

 Story Activities:

 The Gardener

 Pushing Up the Sky


The Deciduous Forest

Jr. Astronaut

Is Earth the Only One? Planets WebQuest

Education World Internet Scavenger Hunts



Giggle Poetry

Poetry for Kids 

I Spy Poetry

Poetry as We See It

Magnetic Poetry

Poetry Idea Engine

Arthur . Games . Write a Poem | PBS Kids

Reading Comprehension Poem


 Reading Skills

Just Kids Games: Katie's Club House-Vocabulary Words


Reading, Recreating, Summarizing Stories


Language Arts Games on Gamequarium


Curriculum and Instruction - Student Center Activities, Grades 2-3 - Student Center Activities, Grades 2-3


Quia - Class Page - sequencingfun


Quia - Class Page - Reading Skills


Welcome To Professor Garfield

TV411 - Tune In To Learning

 Third (3rd) Grade Skills | Grade Level Help at Internet 4 Classrooms


 Kaboose Reading Games


RIF Kids - Reading Planet Home


Drawing Conclusions


Drawing Conclusions 2


Drawing Conclusions 3


Quia - Reading Detective - Drawing Conclusions 4


Arthur . Games . Binky's Facts and Opinions | PBS Kids


 Author's Purpose


Elementary Test Prep: Grade 3 Author's Purpose


Elementary Test Prep: Grade 3 Author's Purpose



Interactive Websites


RTI Fun Games


Reading Activities


Prefixes and Suffixes


Maggie's Earth Adventures-Prefix and Suffix Game


Safari Guide-All Reading Skills

Online Books:





 Storyline Online


Between the Lions . Folk Tales and Fables | PBS Kids


 BAB Books: On-Line Stories for Kids


 KOL Jr. Stories - Online Picture Books Read Aloud


Magic Keys



Online Book Series

                Cam Jansen


Nate the Great


Magic Tree House


Nancy Drew Games


Hank the Cowdog






Keyboarding Practice


Typing Terror


BBC - Schools - Dance Mat Typing - Level 1


Sentence Clubhouse

Quia - Commands and Exclamations

Quia - Subject and Predicate

Noun Dunk

Proper Noun or Common Noun Quiz

Plural Girls

Singular and Plural Noun Flashcards

Noun Wordsearch

What is Noun? Worksheet

Pronoun Treasure Hunt

Pronoun Clubhouse

   Bee or not 2 Bee

   Grammar Blast Verbs

   Grammar Gorillas

    Action Verbs

   State-of-Being Verbs  Verbs State-of-Being Verbs Verbs

  Irregular Verb Quia

 BBC CA Games

Balloon Pronoun Game

 Preposition Concentration

Quia - Prepositions Quiz

Grammar - Parts of Speech - Prepositions



 Basketball - prepositions

 Preposition Desert

 Grammar Blast: Adjectives and Adverbs

PickIt: Adjectives Game

Adverb Battleship Game

Quia - Adverb Millions

  Adverb Awareness Quiz

 BBC - Skillswise Words - Going to work with commas game

BBC - Skillswise Words - Putting sentences together to make compound sentences

 MatchWord for English Study - Irregular Plurals #1 (Flash 5 Required)

Quia - Irregular Verbs

Quia - English Irregular Verbs

Quia - Quotation Marks and Sequencing Mini Quiz

Don't Use Said - Bridgend Grid for Learning

Verb subject treasure hunt game

Quia - Pronoun Poppers



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