Mrs. Warren's Social Studies


2. What's It Like Where They Live Web Quest 2. This Day in History                   
3. Using Map Scales 3.  Jamestown Geography PPT     
4. Community Field Trip 4. Jamestown Rediscovery               
5. Communities

5. Jamestown History PPT  

6. Ben's Guide to Your Neighborhood 6. History is Fun Jamestown Settlement
7 7.  Jamestown Activity
8. Using Map Scales 8.  Adventures to a New World PPT   
10. City Hall 9.  Mission Webbit   

11. EconEdLink Who Pays for City Hall?

10. Famous Missourians             
12. Community Helpers 11. Lewis and Clark
13.  Community Helpers Are At Your Service 12. Lewis and Clark Info
14.  It's Your Future Calling Web Quest 13. Governor's Hall of Famous Missourians
15. I Can Dream Anything 14. Civil War Resources
Heroes/Heroines 15. Missouri Studies Weekly
16. Missouri Timeline
1.  Draw a Hero/Heroine 17. The Pony Express
2. Anthem Sing Along 18. National Geographic
3. PBS Stand Up for Your Rights! 19. Westward Ho Web Quest  
20. Moving West 
1. Inventions Scavenger Hunt 21.  Civil War Web Quest  
2. Columbus Day Activities 22.  Map of the Oregon Trail  
  23.  Ellis Island Web Quest
  24. Ellis Island Online Virtual Tour
The Truth about the 1st Thanksgiving Web Activity

Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving

Scholastic's Thanksgiving Daily Life Web Activity

25. Biography of America Timeline
26. Underground Railroad  
27.  Civil War Power Point Presentation
28.  Pre Civil War Information
29. Immigration Webbit
30.  Welcome to Ben's Town
31.  Benjamin Franklin-Statesman
32.  Chronicles of the American Revolution
33.  Oregon Trail Information

34. Symbols of Our Nation Web Quest

35. Pioneer Life Thinkquest

36. Little House Big Adventure

37.  The Road to Freedom

Constitutional Principles Black History

1. Congress for Kids

1. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Golden Legacy
2.The Democracy Project 2. Birthplace of a Leader: Martin Luther King, Jr.
3. Ben's Guide; Historical Documents  3. Black History Cyber Hunt Crossword
4. Flag Picture Gallery 4. Sholastic's Top Ten African American Inventors
5. School House Rock Preamble 5. African American Inventors in Science
6. Bens Guide to Government 6. Black Inventors A-Z
7. Save the Bill of Rights! 7. Enchanted Learning: African American Inventors
8.  Constitution for Kids 8. Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline  
9. Readers Theatre "Camping Constitution" 9. Black History Month on Fact Monste
10. The Meaning Important Documentsof the Preamble 10. Martin Luther King Jr. Slide Show
11.Scholastic Constitution Scavenger Hunt 

12.  National Constitution Center

13.  Congress for Kids

14.  Karpeles Manuscripts




11. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life

12. The Life of Harriet Tubman

13. Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

14. Harriet Tubman Quiz

15.Black History 101

16. Underground Railroad Scavenger Hunt

17.  The Trail to Freedom Interactive Map

18.  Civil War Timeline

19. Famous Black Americans from

20. MLK, Jr. Timeline

21,  MLK, Jr. Info and Speech from Kulture Kidz

22. Black History from Kulture Kidz

23. PPT for Martin Luther King, Jr.

U.S. Presidents Government
1. Solve the George Washington Portrait Mystery 1. Branches of Government Web Quest
2. If You Were President... 2. Whistlestop Interactive Branches of Government 
3. Our First Leader Web Quest 3. Thinkquest: Three Branches of Government
4. White House for Kids 4. How Laws are Made
5. U.S. Presidents Articles 5. Consumer Product Inventions
6. President's Day Web Quest 6. Flag Trivia 
7. Lincoln Web Quest 7. Betsy Ross Homepage
8. Lincoln/Washington Web Quest 8. National Monuments   
  9.Learning Booth 3 Branches of Government
  10.  Three Branches of Government Web Quest
  11. Virtual Field Trips of Local Government Buildings

12.  A New Country is Born Scavenger Hunt

13.  Counties Work

Geography Economics
1.      1. Goods or Services?
2. More Fun Map Practice 2. Goods, Services, and Producers
3. USA Regions 3. Delivering the Goods, an Online Lesson
4. Think quest:  U.S. Regions 4. A Riddle of Goods
5. Explore The States 5. Services
6. Regions Webquest 7. Resources 
7. Map Machine 8. Interactive Slide Show of Consumers
8. 9. Production, Distribution, and Consumers
9. Discover the Regions Web Quest 10. Moneyopolis
10. Placesonline 11. PBS.Org: Secrets of Making Money
11. 12. Don't Buy It!
12. Fact Monster Maps 13. The Money Factory
13. 50 14. Build a Buck
14. Stately Knowledge 15.  Start Your Own Business Web Quest 16. Citigroup Financial Wants & Needs Activity
16. Geonet 17. Econopolis Library Think Quest
17. Quia State Games 18. Delivering the Goods
18. Geography Games & Facts 19. Lemonade Stand
19.USA States & Capitals 20. Ecomania Web Quest
20. Funbrain Where is That? 21 Hawaiian Bartering

21. Fifty States Web Quest 22. Bartering Activity "Jack & the Beanstalk"
22. Netstate:  Missouri Border States 23.  Ben's Guide:  Your Neighborhood and Beyond
23. 3rd Grade Interactive Geography 24.  Little Red Hen Activity
24. U.S. Symbols Template 25.  Opportunity Cost
25. Zoom School Geography  
26.  MapZone Compass Directions
27.  Compasses and Directions
Earth Day Activities

Transportation Timeline

History of Communication ThinkQuest


Columbus Day Native Americans
Columbus' First Voyage Timeline Facts 1.  Missouri Indians
Plays for Christopher Columbus 2. Native Americans Web Quest  
Columbus Day Facts 3. Native American Links 
Columbus Day Word Search 4. Native American Scavenger Hunt
Columbus Day History 5. Native American Resource Page
3 Ships Coloring Page 6.  Native American Webquest
Teachers Cafe Columbus Day Activities 9. Native American Cultures WebQuest
  10.  Internet Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
  11. Native American Legends
  Infographic - United States Immigration Today
McGraw Hill:  Communities:  Adventures in Time and Place Infographic- A Day with the Anasazi
Chapter 1, Lesson 2: Make a Flyer About a Community nfographic The 13 Colonies
Chapter 2, Lesson 2: Draw a Before/After Comparison Infographic Living at a Mission 
Chapter 4, Lesson 1: Make a Jamestown Cookbook Infographic The 13 Colonies      
Chapter 7, Lesson 1: Make a White House Pets Poster Infographic Living at a Mission
Chapter 9, Lesson 1: Write and Perform a Dialog Infographic -Our Country's Landforms
Chapter 10, Lesson 1: Design a Paper Airplane Infographic -A Capital to Remember
Chapter 11, Lesson 1: Conduct a Survey/Make a Graph IInfographic - United States Immigration Today
Chapter 12, Lesson 1: Make a Product Map Infographic-At the Work Place
  nfographic - U.S. Trade Around the World


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